Forward looking experience

For more than 30 years our main target has always been the improvement of our services to guarantee the customer the best products.

To evaluate our ever growing experience we set the stage for future challenges believing that values such as quality, flexibility and reliability will always be successful.

Customer service

To improve our customer services we are equipped to perform manufacturing on our goods such as:

- request analysis and expert advise
- production of special pieces upon request
- assembly of special pieces
- new products planning upon request

Production structure

Our production structure is based on the balance between technology and human abilities. Various resources are invested in research, equipment updating, expansion of our structure, training and updating of our staff and maximization of the process.


Main areas of our quality policy, products and service

Thanks to direct communication and cooperation with our customers, ZAC is able to reach requests on demand with great success. All of this is supported by a deep specialization in specific areas such as development and production acknowledged through experience and high training professional requirements.

Working sequences

For each individual step of the manufacturing process the motto “My colleague is my customer” applies. This means that everybody has to handle their production responsibility in a way that the internal customer is satisfied and that their best work is possible.


Our customer is our employer and should see their visions and wishes realized. This means that our goal is to work together with our customers to develop solutions and implement these solutions with cost effective results.


The quality of our products is directly dependent on the performance of our suppliers. Through a supplier qualification process, continuous assessments are performed, documented and form the basis of a close customer-supplier-relationship.


The greatest asset f our company is our employees. Embracing quality is not the result of an individual but the outcome of successful teamwork. The ability to develop new ideas, to take on responsibility and to show initiative and creativity brings us continuous development and improvements. Each level of the company believes in our quality and growth philosophy and this is reinforced with continued education.

Customer Area

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