1 ZAC INOX | Aseptic Components

Sterile sampling unit

The sampling unit is suitable to take sterile samples from all liquids

in aseptic processes i.e. High purity water, High purity steam, Fermentation processes, Parenteral drugs, etc.

Samples can be taken in a continuous process with pneumatic controlled diaphragm valves or typically as a system with manual valves and a handle bring the complete unit in the laboratory for analyzing the sample in sterile conditions.

Advantages of the SED-Sterile Sampling Unit
• Integral valve unit directly mounted to the sampling bottle
• CIP/ SIP function in one single valve component
• Efficiency in sterilization direct from the point of use
• Autoclavable system
• Less heat transfer
• Compact design
• Material traceability available acc. to EN 10204 3.1

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